Future Prospects
Becoming the Most Trustworthy Benchmark of Automobile Groups
      In the 55 years since its founding, in spite of the impacts of import control and automobile market liberalization after Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization, Hotai Motor has never forgotten its commitment as a provider of “automobile sales service,” i.e., “to offer services that exceed customer expectations.” Consequently, in the five years between 1998 and 2002, Hotai engaged in the first phase of its “structural reform” motivated by the purpose of improving customer satisfaction, renewing everything from products, dealers to the group itself, and successfully attained a winning new aspect. Although these efforts led to Hotai receiving five “No. 1s” in 2002, the group did not rest on its laurels and went ahead with the second phase of the reform. Four core strategies were set: “consolidating a secure market leader status,” “maintaining the highest service for customer satisfaction,” “expanding the size and market of the automobile value chain,” and “improving operational efficiency and corporate image” to help Hotai Motor “become the most trustworthy benchmark of automobile groups.”
      In the future, Hotai will not only look after its roots in the Taiwanese market to hold on firmly to its market leader status, but will also expand its operation outwards and blaze a new trail.