Becoming the Most trustworthy Benchmark of Automobile Groups
After decades of ups and downs, through the most turbulent half-century in Taiwan's history, Hotai Motor has steadily moved forward on firm steps to achieve the best in quality and service. By our philosophy of professionalism, innovation and continuing advancement, and emphasizing the corporate values of customer service, personal growth, and teamwork, we have won the support and acclaim of every Taiwanese consumer, thus building such rewarding results.
However, having set sustainable operation as our goal, the achievements so far can only be considered the first step for Hotai Motor. It is Hotai's mission to find ways to realize the central humanistic idea of “customer always comes first,” and by working in perfect harmony with upper-, down- and mid-stream businesses as well as the society, to elevate the quality of life for the entire nation. After entering the 21st century, faced with fast changing global dynamics and diverse business models, we must deal with the crucial issue of how to respond to the trends of our times while keeping improving the quality of Hotai's services.
We are meeting the challenges of the new era head on, and aim to fulfill Hotai's mission via the three strategies of corporate culture reengineering, the strengthening of automobile product operations, and new-era business structures. Through corporate culture reengineering and a comprehensive hr cultivation program, we can elevate our organizational effectiveness. At the same time, the introduction of the 3S real-time service and the application of customer-oriented thinking will help improve operational efficiency. Finally, by branching out to different businesses and multidirectional investments, we can achieve the purpose of diversification. This way, the corporate values Hotai developed in the 20th century can prevail into the new age, carry on serving consumers, and making a contribution to the development of our society and nation.

It is Hotai Motor's vision to become the most trustworthy benchmark of automobile groups.
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